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Power Life Yoga Workshops

  • POWER LIFE YOGA - JOHNSTON 5291 Stoney Creek Court Johnston, IA USA (map)

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Friday, November 6th (6:30pm – 8:30pm)
As children, many of us grew up watching and imitating comic book superheroes. We were in awe of their ability to fly, bend metal with their bare hands, and take the form of nature and the elements all in a heroic effort to restore peace and harmony in the universe.

Superheroes exist today in the form of artists, musicians, civil rights leaders, and yogis. The modern day superhero questions long-standing beliefs through fearless self- exploration and inspires others to do the same. Put on your yogic cape and activate your soul and innate powers with a challenging Jivamukti yoga practice that will remind you that we are the new generation of superheroes. Count on some flying, inverting and a dash of transformation.


Saturday, November 7th (11am – 1:00pm)
Are you ready to lose your mind and be free? Accessing modern-day mantra, asana, and wisdom, we’ll go on a unique spiritual journey that will crack your heart wide open and inspire you to realize your highest potential. Prepare yourself for a vigorous practice replete with classic Jivamukti sequences that will tap into your past, present, future, and your wild side. If you want to expand your mind, heart, and soul and are interested in letting go, this class is for you. **Possible Side Effects: Spontaneous Enlightenment.


Saturday, November 7th (2pm – 4pm)
Are you one of the many mortals with tight hips and hamstrings? Well you’re not alone. Join me for a juicy practice of intense investigation and ultimate liberation, Jivamukti style, which will provide entry points for all levels of practitioner. We’ll romance not only your hips and hamstrings but also your low back and digestive tract. This practice will promote psychophysiological healing and expansion to this area while cultivating patience, focus and humility. Please bring your sense of humor, 2 long straps and be ready for some hip and hammie love.

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