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In the global mix of amazing yoga teachers delivering inspiration to many, Giselle stands out uniquely for her ability to not only inspire, but also for the beauty in which she delivers our yogic lessons. From her music, to her spicy delivery and her insights into our philosophical and spiritual awakening, she stands out as a rare and ideal modern yogi.

– Sava P.

Are you ready to have fun? Giselle’s classes are one of the most fun things I do. I don’t know how she does it; in her classes she educates us about positive living, imparts life wisdom, has fun music, radiates joy, improves our yoga, gives a great class, AND she does all this while guiding the class and going from student to student providing personal adjustment and suggestions. If you want to enjoy yoga and learn how to enjoy life, come to Giselle’s class.

– Robb Most, Ph.D., President, Mind Garden, Inc.

In my 8 years of practicing yoga, I can honestly say Giselle is among the most amazing teachers I have had the privilege to learn from. I enjoy every minute of her classes and feel so much better afterwards. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and fun.

I would recommend Giselle’s class to anyone who wants their workout with a side of spiritual nourishment and a sprinkling of humor.

– Robbie Kellman Baxter

After dabbling in yoga on and off for decades, I have committed to an ongoing, regular practice because of Giselle’s teaching. She has been our teacher for five years now… and her humor, grace, wisdom and encouragement have made all the difference in the world. She manages to inspire and challenge, while at the same time building confidence and truly teaching proper alignment and body utilization. She makes yoga approachable — both physically and mentally — while retaining its spirit.

– Simone Coxe

My experience in Giselle’s class is always physically and mentally invigorating, challenging and enlightening. She takes us to the depths of our feelings and challenges us to explore our core beliefs. She does this with compassion and conviction and if it ever gets too heavy, her great choice of music and hilarious sense of humor help you forget the difficult pose you're in — even when she asks you to hold it for another five breaths.

– Cathy Lawson

Giselle Mari is a unicorn in the world of yoga---she blends deep respect and lineage with moves that make you go, "Mmmmm!" Her funky approach fused with intelligence and years of teaching is rare and absolutely delicious.

– Kathryn Budig
International Yoga Teacher
and Author

I have been taking yoga classes regularly for 20 years, and I consider Giselle to be in my short list of best teachers. And she is definitely the best yoga teacher for adjustments.

– Elaine Salinger

Giselle is an ideal teacher, technically very skilled, steeped in the essence of yoga, as well as the form, and FUN. Her classes are simultaneously rigorous and joyful — creating stability and openness in the body, mind and heart.

– Amy Saltzman M.D. and Meditation Teacher

Giselle teaches yoga with joy! Her classes are challenging, but full of music and laughter. She encourages us to reach for our full potential, but never take ourselves too seriously. It is always a better day after class.

– Kathleen Taggart
Director, Draeger’s Home and Cooking School

Giselle has been my teacher for many years, and her classes keep getting better and better. I look forward to practicing with her all week. In just ninety minutes she manages to infuse my mind and body with a feeling of energetic bliss.

I had my second child while studying with Giselle, and I rebounded in days rather than the months it took with my first child. She inspires me to be a better parent, spouse and friend, and my mind, body and spirit are stronger, more flexible and more joyful as a result of her teaching.

– Emily Smith, Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

I love it. More specifically, Giselle’s class is a great combination of fun, strength, breath, technique and spirituality. Great music, new learning for the body mind and soul. It is a class I look forward to every week.

– Maria Geenen