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Minneapolis Yoga Conference

  • HYATT REGENCY 1300 Nicollet Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55403 United States (map)

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Jivamukti Yoga Workshops

Saturday, April 16th, 2016, 10am- 1pm
Hot, Hip & Holy with Giselle Mari
Mostly Asana, All Levels, Moderate/High Physical Intensity
Are you ready to lose your mind and be free? Accessing modern-day mantra, asana, and wisdom, we’ll go on a unique spiritual journey that will crack your heart wide open and inspire you to realize your highest potential. Prepare yourself for a vigorous practice replete with classic Jivamukti sequences that will tap into your past, present, future, and your wild side. If you want to expand your mind, heart, and soul and are interested in letting go, this class is for you. Some yoga experience is recommended.

*Possible Side Effects: Spontaneous Enlightenment

Saturday, April 16th, 2016, 3pm – 6pm
The Inner Light Bright: Chakra Tuning and Purification with Giselle Mari
Asana/Lecture, All Levels, Low/Moderate Physical Intensity
The chakras are portals through which we perceive reality. We’ll explore the attributes of each of these seven colorful energetic wheels from the root to the crown through mantra, asana and high intention. By energetically inhabiting each of these centers, we’re able to address our karmas (past actions) and home in on possible root causes of our emotional, mental and physical challenges. This practice has the power to instigate healing, ignite your inner light and change your perception to make way for discovering your true nature.

Sunday, April 17th, 2016
Fire in the Soul: Twists with Giselle Mari
Mostly Asana, All Levels, Moderate/High Physical Intensity
For complete spinal health and flexibility, twisting movements are integral to our yoga practice. This action also balances and harmonizes our bodies as it brings us back to the very basis of life on earth – DNA. Tapping into this internal spiral coding helps us achieve a new level of understanding and our connection to this larger web of life. Let’s awaken our organs, lymphatic system and spinal column integrating a juicy combination of alignment details and a complete flow with a twist. Some yoga experience is recommended.

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