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From a Liquid to a Solid at Breathe Together Yoga, Los Gatos

  • BREATHER TOGETHER YOGA 14107-H Winchester Boulevard Los Gatos, CA USA (map)

Please join Giselle as she returns to Breathe Together Yoga with one of her most impactful workshops. In this special class you will be ushered through the three states of consciousness. We'll begin with a meditation in the waking state (jagrat), then slowly be guided into the deeper realms of the subconscious (swapna and sushupti), ultimately residing in what has been referred to as one of the deepest meditations of all, Yoga Nidra - often defined as conscious awareness of the deep sleep state. This practice can help with something as imperative as relaxation to accessing and purifying your samskaras that drive our karmas (actions). Through this practice we have the opportunity to realize our true Self by altering our defined solid state to one that is flowing liquid grace of calm and clarity.

All Levels. Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra.

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